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Government Exams 2013

Government Exams in India - Welcome, on this page we are Providing Some Basic Information about Government Exams in India including IAS Entrance Exam, CDS Exam, NDA Exam 2012, SCRA Exam, UGC Exam Detail and also UPSC Exam Detail.

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Government Jobs 2013

NDA Examination 2013


Government job- The most secure of all.

Most of the people are attracted to government jobs in India because of many reasons such as pension plan, good work environment and most importantly "Security of Job". It is in fact one of the most preferred job sector in today’s scenario. People are also interested to join the sector due to the respect that goes with the job.

Excellent Salary- In recent years, one of the strongest reason for increasing number of students going for government sector is the good salary packages as per the sixth pay commission. Under this revision, the government employees are paid much more than those in private sector.

Additional benefits- Additional perks like provident fund, LTC, pension facilities, etc also lure the people towards the jobs in government organizations. People joining a government office have the guarantee of a safe and secure job. The government in India is not going to be dissolved at any sphere of time.

Job security- One of the other advantage in the sector is the job security. Here unlike the private enterprises, the chances of shutdown is very less or even none. The people work with a satisfaction of job in their minds. They can work till retirement or at least for the time they wish to.

Timely promotions – The people here get promoted within the appropriate time as this sector allows a time bound promotion. Promotion in the position brings about rise in the pay too. The government jobs unlike the private organizations do not follow the pattern of giving the performance more weight age than the time scale. With a government job, one can always hope to reach the top of the government posts and career in life.

Job respectability- One more factor that has attracted loads of people to the government organizations is the esteem that is related with the posts. A government job is looked at with immense respect and dignity. A respectable job brings with it the social recognition. This particular factor has ruled the minds of people since the previous times and is still quite prevalent in today’s society. These reasons have encouraged people for taking up the government jobs. People from every society and section consider the jobs as the most decent.

Pension scheme- The government jobs also ensure security to its employees in their retirement phase. The retired employees are provided pensions so that they can meet their needs after retirement. In case of death of the particular employee, the pension is handed over to the spouse or nominee and in that case the job is given to a member of the family if a need arises. Thus, all these factors make bank jobs the most secure jobs.


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