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Career As Sound Engineering

Every one loves to listen music no matter what the media used for it whether live or recorded. During the 19th century, several attempts for recording sounds were made in Europe and USA. Though the mechanized imitation of music can be traced back as far as the 9th century, it was completed most successfully by Thomas Edison in 1877.

You're into sound and music. That's why you're here. And one doesn't choose a career in Sound Engineering. It chooses them. It's why one feels such a strong desire to work with the accomplished musicians, engineers, and producers in the audio industry. SIA education and training can help you pursue your career as a Musician, Music Producer or Sound Engineer.

Sound engineering, a branch of Audio science, is a career for those who love music and wish to be a part of this industry. Sound Engineering is all about capturing sound, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing sound using electronic and mechanical devices. It involves both production and post production tasks. Set-up to the actual recording may be included into Production.

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